Service Desk Solutions

A Guide to Computer User Support for Help Desk and Support Specialists

As Featured in A Guide to Computer User Support for Help Desk and Support Specialists, Sixth Edition by Fred Beisse

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LBE Help Desk will help your service desk:

  • increase customer satisfaction
  • reduce customer downtime
  • reduce support call numbers
  • improve efficiency
  • improve communications
  • identify problem areas in your products or service

LBE Help Desk is:

  • Compatible with all Windows versions since Windows 95
  • Accessible from  a Windows program, your Web browser and E-mail
  • Easy to setup – no expensive consultant visit required.
  • Simple to use -Your operators will require a minimum of training
  • Accessible from anywhere – run as a windows or a web application.
  • Powerful – small businesses, schools, colleges, hospitals, major international businesses
  • Affordable – clear pricing, no secrets
  • Developed and supported by us since 1991.

Customer Comments:

“All I can say is you guys are awesome!…”

“…the superb tech support is one of the major reasons why I chose this product”

“LBE is still one of the best help desk solutions I’ve used/seen in 20 years of IT!”

…we find the product excellent, it’s functionality for the price is exactly what we required, easy to use, quick for new staff to learn...”

“Thanks. If they ever offer an award for most-responsive software vendor, you’re up for it”

“Thanks so much for a truly wonderful and easy to use product. I’m so excited about actually getting the full upgraded version I can hardly wait.”

“…the level of service you provide is second to none. I am impressed every time.”

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