LBE Web Help Desk


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LBE Web Help Desk is operated entirely through your web browser and is designed to be used by both your support staff and your customers.Install once – use it anywhere! – Install the Web Helpdesk on a single machine then access it from anywhere with a web browser.

In addition to the features it shares with our Desktop Help Desk software:

  • Your customers can create and monitor their own jobs, reducing the number of calls to your support staff.
  • Customers are limited to updating and creating their own Helpdesk Jobs – they can’t see anyone else’s data.
  • Your Helpdesk staff can use it on-site as well as in your office.
  • Knowledge base allows customers to solve their own problems.
  • Easy to customize – show your own branding on every page.
  • Use it with our desktop help desk software and the email interface.

The web server you run LBE Web Helpdesk on, does not need to be connected to the Internet, it works quite happily on your own internal network.

LBE Web Helpdesk does all this yet still maintains a simple, clear and easy to understand interface. Your staff will be using it with the minimum of training.

Web Help Desk Installation instructions

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